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It does not matter if your company is big or small, old, or new.  A compliance certificate is a timeless asset for any organization.

Given the increase in cyberattacks, executives and senior managers are under significant pressure to reassure key stakeholders like regulators, partners, customers, and employees that they are taking appropriate measures to prevent, detect, contain, and respond to threats to the company’s physical and digital infrastructure. Additionally, organizations around the world are getting subjected to increasing legislative, corporate, and regulatory requirements to demonstrate that they are managing their information cyber security risk.


Tellistic can help you to:

  • Assess whether the mechanisms to manage your organization’s risks are mature as benchmarked against the international standards.

  • Create an organizational culture of compliance with policies your company has invested in over the years.

  • Understanding whether your organization complies with the varied regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure that your organization is prepared for the evolving cyber security landscape.

  • Take a standard, like ISO 27001, and adapt it for your organization or a department in your organization.

  • We can help you attain ISO 27001 and several other international and local compliance certifications.


Threats from cyber criminals and hacktivists are growing each day in scale and sophistication. To stay ahead of these criminal enterprises, organizations must adopt comprehensive, effective, and auditable cyber capabilities.   


Wherever you are on your Cyber Maturity journey, Tellistic Technology Services’ team of Engineers, Data Scientists, Security Analysts, and Compliance experts can help assess, audit, or implement an Information Security Management System to help identify and address risks around your valuable data, information, and related assets. A solid ISMS will serve to protect your organization against data breaches from internal and external actors, by taking a comprehensive view of people, process, and technology readiness.


Allow us to provide you insights into your vulnerabilities, prioritize areas of remediation, and demonstrate corporate and operational compliance. By developing a risk-based ISMS for your organization, you will have a repeatable process to continuously improve your defenses and turn cyber security into an operational business-enabling function, thus turning information risk into a business advantage!



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